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Indefinite in the can

Last year I went to the wedding of a great friend where other filmmakers also attended. One of these filmmakers/friend reminded me of a ‘crazy’ idea i had a few years back. The idea in question was the loose schedule for another (now ill-fated) feature film which consisted of a 2 week production period. I

Dummies guide to winning an australian election – Rudd does a Howard

“we decide who comes into this country and the circumstances in which they come” That was a defining sentence within John Howard’s speech which undoubtedly had the biggest influence on turning his certain defeat into a resounding election win in 2001. Don’t you just love how he spoke about terrorism and refugees so seamlessly? What

Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd brawl spills into the streets

Labors leadership battle (an ongoing issue) resembles a Saturday night in Northbridge where drunken party goers spill out onto the streets, swinging fists and pulling hair in hope of knocking their opposition down. Usually, they wake the next morning wondering why they have a sore head, but do it all again the following weekend because

I heart film

i LIKE digital. i LOVE film. When I shoot digitally, I invest a whole bunch of time trying to make the images seem filmic (see this post for a further explanation). With film, I don’t feel the need to change them – all I have to do is choose the right film stock and lens