Kane George Jason

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About Me

I’m Kane George Jason, filmmaker & photographer currently based in Western Australia. My beginnings are slightly unusual in the sense that most filmmakers can’t remember when they fell in love with movies. You know the stories like ‘as a child, I always loved cinema and…’ but my real passion for the arts wasn’t realised until a few years after leaving high school! Before this development I divided my time between fighting for my 2nd Kyu in Shotokan karate & playing football for the state side of Western Australia and South Fremantle Football Club as a teenager. But things (eg. life) change and I’m heartened that they continue to do so!


I have many years of experience in the film and TV industry with roles including writer, director, producer, editor, cinematographer, executive producer, assistant director, camera assistant, sound design, gaffer, boom operator, continuity & actor. These have been in a diverse range of projects from features, shorts, documentaries, television, webseries & music videos.

I founded Contempovision Films in 2004 to produce film & TV projects. In 2005 I started the Perth Filmmakers Directory for filmmakers to network and find cast & crew. In late 2007 I was accepted into the inaugural Portable Screen Academy (sponsored by AFTRS & ACMI) which featured workshops with the lonelygirl15 creators and other leading experts of online media creation. Contempovision also released a compilation DVD in 2008 with the first 10 projects titled ‘From Conception To New Born’. Additionally, I studied cinema at Curtin University from 2007-2010, attaining my Bachelor of Arts in Film, TV, Screen Arts & Marketing.

I began with small assistant roles and worked my way up, now preferring to direct &/or produce unless the project is good for the experience. All these small jobs have enabled me to paint a more complete picture when it comes to making any type of project and many of my films have now screened at film festivals, on TV & in newspapers around the world.


My love of photography is relatively new in comparison to my filmmaking experience but I’ve always had a keen interest in the visuals. Come to think of it, It’s probably grown from within the film world where you can tell a story or convey an idea with images – here I’m just dropping the ‘s’ to make it a singular image. I also think the two (whilst they are two vastly different art forms to master) are somewhat related and gaining experience and expertise in one will benefit the other. For example I often think whilst taking photographs that ‘this would make a great scenario’, and vice versa.

In terms of equipment I have a somewhat stubborn fetish when it comes to lenses – old German & Russian ones to be exact. I am totally in love with them and the main reason is that they have the most amazing characteristics that you won’t find on most of the modern lenses from the big names because they focus on pixels & sharpness. I use film & digital as they both have their respective pros and cons but in a perfect world i would exclusively use film (although digital is making huge ground).