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Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd brawl spills into the streets

Labors leadership battle (an ongoing issue) resembles a Saturday night in Northbridge where drunken party goers spill out onto the streets, swinging fists and pulling hair in hope of knocking their opposition down. Usually, they wake the next morning wondering why they have a sore head, but do it all again the following weekend because they have nothing better to do. Yet they have one up on Labor because they are actually fighting their opposition. Labors fight is even more unbearable because its happening every day for years – not only on alcohol fueled Saturday nights.

This is time which would be better spent on, oh I don’t know, maybe governing the country? The economy is slowing, people are loosing their jobs, costs of living/surviving are skyrocketing and we’re leaving asylum seekers bodies in the ocean to rot – all because Labor’s focus is to drag their pitiful public image out of the gutter and win the next election. To put it simply, they are too busy executing their election marketing plan (funded via our taxes of course), but Tony Abbot has said it best (that feels odd to say; see this video) when talking about bringing forward the election date, saying “why should we limp on for another 80 days of confusion and paralysis“. But this motion was unsuccessful, the leadership battle continues and the forthcoming election is still months away, so don’t expect anything to be fixed until the show is over – so sit back and enjoy the entertainment.

UPDATE: 5 minutes after posting, breaking news is that Rudd will again challenge Gillard for the leadership. Politicians politicking – remember they are both from the same party – so their policies wont be worlds apart – but it sure will be fun to watch…

UPDATE #2: Kevin Rudd is now PM (again). Will this change the circus proceedings? One can dream…